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 Fix Your Pet (FYP) is a low cost spay or neuter program for very low income individuals residing in Tehachapi only. Proof of income and address must be provided at time of making appointment and assignment of clinic. Clinics are held twice a month by Dr Beverly Billingsley or Tehachapi Vet Hospital. Co-payments are $20 for canines and $10 for felines which includes the pain meds, rabies shots and DHLPP for dogs or FVCRP for cats if needed. Pets will be kept overnite and picked up the following morning by the owners.
  No pets over the age of 6, no cryptorchid or pyrometra pets. No one will be seen without appointments which must be made through THS only.
  For more information, call Tehachapi Humane Society, 823-0699 Menu 4 or come to our office, Mondays only, 11 to 1PM for appointments.
Our Spay/Neuter voucher programs for companion pets and feral cats are still available for those who do not qualify for FYP. These two programs have been in place for over 25 years forTehachapi and East Kern and have made a significant impact to the overpopulation of pets.
Fix Your Pet
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