Adoption Stories & Updates

HAPPY ADOPTION…AN UPDATE Iris…………………..I can’t believe it has been a year since we adopted our princess, Sparkle! She has blossomed into a healthy, sweet, loving, playful and happy little girl!! She has settled in so well with our family and has become a part of the family. Our grown children and spouses/significants call her Spakletron!! Sundance is such a sweet, loving and very patient big brother. They are always together and follow us around the house like our shadows. They, as well as us, enjoy taking long walks as a part of their busy day! We are so blessed to have these two wonderful pets in our lives!!! Take Care, Bill and Gail Romley.

CAT FOSTER UPDATE By Lynn Wolf We had a successful 2013 and are hoping to repeat that success in 2014. As of the first part of February, only two kitties were taken into the program, but “kitten season” is approaching! JULIE, our teen kitty was abandoned in Golden Hills and proved to be a real love. She was adopted by a Pet Lodge employee whose fiancé was skeptical about “cats.” He is now in love with Julie and he is her primary person; a great ending for a great little girl!

Our second rescue was a little, dumped kitten found in the road by a very alert, loving lady. The kitten was cold, scared, sick and dehydrated! Tehachapi Vet Hospital treated him and felt he had a chance to survive. He was named Robbie by TVH and was given to Tehachapi Humane Society for Tender, Loving Care. Recovery was very slow for a few days, then miracles started happening. I hope the before and after pictures print well so that you can see the miraculous blooming of this little guy. He has an outgoing, confident outlook on life and loves everyone and everything (including dogs of all sizes, other cats and people). Robbie has since gone into his new Forever Home with Hope and her family. Hope’s Mom told me that she was determined not to get attached to the new kitten, but when he jumped in her lap, climbed up to cuddle on her chest and immediately starting purring, she was lost. This is another Wonderful Adoption Story! I hope our coming year includes many of these wonderful outcomes for all our lost critters!

We have received a call from a lovely person who wishes to foster teen/adult kitties. This is encouraging, as we truly need more homes for the rescues. Lack of foster homes really limits what we can do for the community. Please think about becoming one of our foster Moms/Dads. I will promise anyone who is willing not to leave a kitty with you for over two months, maximum and you certainly have the power to dictate the number and ages of any kitties you might consider fostering. WE NEED YOU!!!